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Sylvia C. Weber

Welcome to my page! As the weeks go by you will find more and more gardening tips, book ideas and adventures far and close to home. I will also share some everyday experiences on the blog.

Here is some personal information:

I am all exited about our newly aquired American citizenship. For all my live I have been a citizen of a proud little country, Switzerland, in the heart of Europe. While growing up I identified myself very much with being from the town of Zurich. During my adult years I started feeling as being part of a Europe that is growing closer, although my home country never joined the European Union. Since moving to the United States many years ago, my sense of belonging has been widening and I consider it a tremendous privilege to be now a citizen of the ‘Old’ and of the ‘New World’.

Our two sons, ages 17 and 13, are growing more independent with every day that goes by, and my husband and I are building on our common interrests. This blog is one example of it.

I am very lucky that I have a job I really like. I work at ‘Tom’s Farm Market and Greenhouses’.

My personal interests are:

  • reading: I like historic fiction but enjoy any great story. (You’ll eventually find more details on this when I am developing my book pages)
  • gardening: my vegetable and flower garden are more rewarding every year.
  • working out: as I get older, I go to the gym on a more regular basis, but I still prefer the outdoors…..
  • travelling: our past and future trips will be posted as the time goes by, camping is the secret….


  • owning a campground with Thomas, my husband
  • exploring new parts of the country during the off season,
  • making a difference in a child’s live…

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